Experimenting with Lucene 3 and parametric search

I have experimented with apache lucene 3 and parametric search:

Its just a test shot, but it:
* Gives you all search results on a single page - as a speed test
* Summarizes inventors, applicants, patent-classes etc from the result as an overview.
* Is some playground for further java-script interaction with the results.

Indexing was kind of slow on my quad core, 120k patents took about 40 minutes, but searching is fast. It made me think about setting up some test suits for indexing. Like:

* SOLR / Lucene for all Swedish municipal-sites (250+)
* SOLR/ Lucene for a typical windows server environment.

Anyone done this already perhaps?



New hope for system wide secure memory with G1-GC

I had this idea years ago about segmenting GC memory on small process islands and using proxies between them in order to speed up and use global - yet - secure memory addressing system wide. This idea is not brand new, but it combines the best from distributed memory models with tight integrated memory and security, or so was my idea back in 2003 at least. It didn't sell well though. Yep, I tried!

But here comes new hope, The new GC "G1" for java 1.7:

With better languages on top of the JVM, like scala and groovy, it seems java might have a chance to bring us this cool platform, even though it has considerable legacy problems.